Vegetable Powder
We are supplying an ambit of hygienically made Vegetable Powders. These are used in cooking various cuisines and give them a distinct flavor. The powders are also used for dressing salads.
Whole Spice Powder
Whole Spice Powders are spicy and pungent in taste. These are offered in different spice viz. cloves, fenugreek and ginger. The spice powders are available in different quantities with premium quality.
Whole Herbs Powder
Whole Herbs Powders are pure, fresh and organic in quality, these are processed in clean and hygiene environment conditions. These powders do not contain artificial colors and preservatives.

Dehydrated Leaves
Dehydrate Leaves are perfect to be added in vegetabel and ready made food items for delicious taste. These are safe fro consumption and do not contain any impurities and adulterant.
Dehydrated Vegetable Flake
Dehydrate Vegetable Flakes are processed in advance drying machine to reduce the moisture level for increasing the shelf life and protecting them for microbial spoilage. These are crisp and soft in texture quality.
Fruit Powder
Fruit Powders are made by using fresh & harvested fruits. These are sun dried naturally and packed in moisture barrier packaging. The powders are spicy, pungent and tasty in quality.

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